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Our Mission Statement


Havurah of the Desert is a welcoming and diverse fellowship which celebrates Jewish life and spirituality by fostering community, celebrating Jewish holidays, and providing educational opportunities. ​

Our Board of Directors
                                                                                    Term Expires*
Chair:           Thomas M. Stansbury                  Dec 2025
Vice-Chair:  Ken Weinberg                                          Dec 2025

Secretary:    Stephen G. Edelstein                              Dec 2025 
Treasurer:   Mariah Ybarra                                          Dec 2024                                                                     

At-Large:     Roberta Safer                                            Dec 2024
                      Marc Becker                              Dec 2024
                      Jane Townsend                                          Dec 2025

*All board members are elected to serve for a term of two years. 
Terms expire at the Annual General Membership Meeting, held yearly in December.

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